Organic goodness for your family

In European organic farms, we believe that nature’s way is the best way. So we don’t use hormones to increase yield. The cows do it themselves when they’re well cared for. And nor do we use any pesticides, antibiotics and preservatives. It’s pure goodness from our farms to your fridge.

Our cows are pampered

Our cows enjoy acres of lush open space and graze for at least six hours a day for over 150 days a year. We also make sure they get plenty of rest and at least 50 kgs of organic feed daily (After all, they have four stomachs). Because what goes around, comes around. Happy and healthy free range cows produce more and better milk.

Caring for nature

Our pastures are untouched by artificial pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Instead we employ careful crop rotation and selection to control weeds and maintain soil quality. This not only helps preserve local bio-diversity, but also ensures you enjoy milk that’s pure.

Why trust the European organic label?

Earning an organic certification in Europe means adhering to the highest standards of animal welfare, climate and environment protection, respect for natural cycles and preservation of soil fertility and bio-diversity. That’s why millions around the world trust the European organic label for quality and goodness.

Care for your little ones

Give your kids an organic start to life with our range of our child nutrition products.

Care for your family

Our organic milk contains nutrients such as calcium and protein—without the use of any preservatives, pesticides and hormones. Natural goodness in every drop.